Taking Your Business to the Cloud, Part 1…

Storing data, keeping software up to date, and having different employees and team members working together in a coordinated way are all some of the most common IT challenges that small and medium-sized businesses in Calgary bring to us every day. And now, with the release of Microsoft Office 365 – an online productivity and collaboration tool built around the company’s popular software suite – it’s getting easier to accomplish all of them.

That’s because Office 365 isn’t just an updated version of word processors and spreadsheets; it’s all of that plus a way for businesses to share in any great files amongst and across teams. Here are just a few of the reasons you might consider making the upgrade:

Lower overall software costs. By shifting software cost to a monthly expense, rather than one lump purchase, cloud-based productivity suites can easily end up being less expensive than traditional CD packages.

Improved security. While many business owners and managers may worry about having their files “out there on the Internet somewhere,” the reality is that software and files stored in the cloud are probably more secure than the ones on your hard drive. Would you rather have your network protecting your data, or the one at Microsoft?

Real-time file sharing and collaboration. This is a big one: With cloud-based productivity suites, files can be saved and shared in real time, meaning that all of your team members are using the latest versions and spending less time duplicating work, trading e-mails back and forth, etc.

Instant updates. There’s no need to download software updates from the Internet or have your IT provider handle them. That’s because applications that are on the cloud are updated automatically by the programming team at Microsoft.

Taking these together, it’s easy to see why so many companies are moving to the cloud. If you think your business could benefit, or have more questions about Microsoft Office 365, then contact DCM today – we have a sister company devoted to IT support for cloud applications in Calgary, and we will be happy to help you find the answers you need.

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