About DCM Ventures

DCM is more than just another technical support company – we provide oil and gas start ups with the technology, communication, and logistics support they need to get their operations up and running. With years of experience in this field, we know what our clients need most: a team they can count on, the expertise to help them take operations to the next level, and a way to control costs while maintaining a high standard of support.

We can help with all of that and more.

Started by an accomplished technical director, David Maxwell, DCM was founded in 2004 with the simple mission of helping our clients to setup and manage their IT systems more effectively, and at lower costs. In 2009, DCM took on a key manager, Catherine Pizarro, and that goal was amended to focus on new players in the oil and gas industry. David and Catherine had seen the kinds of problems that could plague companies in the industry, both large and small, and knew they could do more to help these growing businesses make technology work for them. In just a couple short years, they were serving more than a dozen clients with operations on three continents.

While much of this success can be traced back to their specialized expertise in oil and gas (both David and Catherine have worked for IT departments in the field and managed overseas operations firsthand), the real secret to DCM’s growth isn’t only in knowing the industry – it’s in their commitment to service. When you work with DCM, you don’t just get another vendor; you get a team of committed professionals who will work as if they were an internal part of your company. That means no red tape, no waiting on hold while we find someone to help you, and no need to explain your issue four different times while your call is rerouted overseas.

If you’re serious about growing your company in the oil and gas industry, you need an IT partner who’s just as serious about giving you the very best and expertise in service. That’s where DCM comes in. How can we start helping your company today?