Too many oil and gas companies, both large and small, spend unnecessary amounts of money on new equipment, or choose the wrong equipment altogether. These mistakes are costly for any organization, but for a startup they can be crippling.

That’s because technology can either be a small part of the budget that supports all other operations, or it can be a huge expense that drags you down time and again through repeated investments, lingering communication outages, and other problems that come with having the wrong hardware and software combinations.

At DCM, we can help you supervise your technology project from start to finish. Working with our established network of hardware and software vendors – and drawing on more than a decade of experience working with oil and gas in Canada, the US, and even South America – we will help you not only to find the perfect IT solutions, but to help you get them at the very best possible price. We have worked with enough startups to know that they have a unique combination of communication needs and limited budgets, and we know how to fit the pieces together in a way that makes sense for the short term and the long.

Every hardware and software vendor that DCM works with guarantees its product. If your systems stop working, we’ll find out why and get you an immediate replacement at no further cost. Even if the component that has failed has come from outside our network, we will help you replace it and get back up and running in a flash.

There’s no need to worry if you’re getting a good deal on technology, or if the IT components you’re putting together are going to work the way they are supposed to. DCM can help you source everything you need for an oil and gas startup and then ensure that you stay operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you can get that kind of service and commitment for very competitive rates, why would you go elsewhere?