DCM’s Oil and Gas Focus

Why does DCM Ventures put its focus on providing five star IT service to startups in the oil and gas industry? And why are so many clients from around the globe choosing to work with us? The answer in both cases is that we have decided to stick with what we know. After a number of years managing technology systems for similar organizations – seeing what really works both close to home and far overseas – we knew we could take that expertise and use it to help our clients get more from their limited technology budgets.

Few oil and gas ventures begin with unlimited amounts of funding, and yet most need to find ways to effectively communicate with teams that are working far away, and sometimes under very rugged conditions. Traditional technology firms talk about providing these kinds of services, but few have the expertise to effectively budget, set up, and manage the kind of hardware and software setups that are required to keep a growing oil and gas company moving forward.

Here are just a few of the things we are able to offer our clients:

A familiarity with the oil and gas industry. No one knows the field better than we do, and it shows.

Technology procurement. Whether you have a tight budget, or just a list of needs, we can use our connections to help you get the most reliable hardware and software for a great price.

Office, communications, and system setup. Even if you have nothing more than a leased office space, we can get you up and running, with global communication, in a matter of days.

Ongoing IT management. You need a technology partner that can fix problems quickly – or better yet, stop them from popping up at all. When it comes to ongoing IT for oil and gas, you can’t do better than DCM.

Multilingual support. Not every technical problem can be solved by working with someone who speaks fluent English. Communication is the key to restoring systems, so DCM offers support in different languages.

Management of third-party vendors. We can even step in and take control of other technology vendors to ensure that you get the service you need at a fair price.

Working with DCM Ventures is like having the best technical support department money can buy, without actually having to pay the going rates for highly qualified technology specialists. Call us today to see how easy it is to get an IT package that works for you.