How Technology is Revolutionizing One of DCM’s Client Companies

Earlier this month, we offered some advice to those of you who are having a hard time adjusting to new technology in your company: Get a trusted IT partner who can tell you what to change and where to grow, and then work on being more efficient.

Because this is such an important concept, we’d like to share the story of one of our own clients, a membership organization that needed an upgraded website, but wasn’t ready to make the leap. Younger members were clamoring for changes, but some of the more experienced executives weren’t sure that a redesigned Web platform would be worth the investment.

After assessing the technology situation and looking at the possibilities, we finally persuaded them to move forward. Here were just a few of the results:

A stronger public profile. With an upgraded website, the group finally had a more professional image to put in front of the public.

More interest in membership. Because their new website made the organization more visible, it didn’t take long before potential members started making inquiries.

Social platforms that made the group more relevant. Because members could now connect more easily on sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with the website’s own social areas, the ties and relationships between them grew stronger – making the organization more relevant in the process.

Anywhere access for members. Since the new site could be accessed via smart phones, iPads, and other next-generation devices, members could now log in and view content from anywhere… which was a huge upgrade from their old website, especially for younger members.

A better fiscal outlook. The net result of all of these changes was higher memberships, more dues, and more interest.

It’s amazing how one small change could drastically improve things, but that’s the power of a small bit of technology being applied in the right direction. Could you or your business or nonprofit be able to accomplish the same with an upgraded communications platform, a move to cloud computing, or some other small change in the way you handle your technology support?

If you aren’t sure of the answer, then we hope you’ll give us a call in the near future for free consultation to find out.