Two Things to Think About in August

IT support is a more interesting business than a lot of people might think. For one thing, the world of technology is always changing, ensuring that every month brings new ideas and challenges. And for another, no two businesses are the same – even within the industry of oil and gas start-ups – meaning that there is always the chance that what you’re thinking about today won’t be there tomorrow.

With that in mind, we would like to share two different ideas with you this month. First, there’s the ever-changing and evolving world of online fraud and theft. It would be nice if these were issues that we, or our clients, never had to worry about, but the reality is that criminals are using changes in technology right along with the rest of us.

Most of the time, however, the way they get us isn’t with complicated software or technical tools like you see in a movie, but by getting us to do something without thinking. As a case in point, check out this article about avoiding travel scams this year:

As much as we hate to bring the topic up, we hope that by sharing it, and getting our clients and friends to think about the risks and threats that are out there, you’ll be less likely to fall for any of these kinds of tricks.

On a brighter note, we would also like to share one other link, one that’s proof that every new piece of technology and communication that comes along represents an opportunity to express yourself in a unique way. Check out how this dressmaker is blending fashion sense and social media to create something that’s truly too interesting not to look at:

Could you try to make the same kind of thing work for your company? Maybe not exactly, but how far outside the box have you gone in search of new marketing and promotion ideas? Are you simply following what others are doing, or trying something that’s distinctly “out of the box?”

Either way, we hope you all enjoy both of these links, and are enjoying a safe and happy summer. And as always, we’re here to help you with your technology and communications needs.

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