Meet the DCM Team

Meet the DCM Team


David Maxwell

As the founder and President of DCM, David Maxwell sets a calm, patient, and fun tone for everyone. A nearly lifelong resident of Alberta, he began his career in finance, moving over to IT in the ’90s after getting a chance to see how technology was reshaping the way companies operated from the inside out. Following a few years of evening classes and some on the job experience, he’s never looked back.

David founded DCM in 2008, following several years spent managing technology and systems for a series of energy firms, oil and gas operations, and even the Calgary School Board. These experiences taught him the value of versatility and a hands-on, client-focused approach, a philosophy that has helped DCM grow from those first few part-time clients to a thriving IT provider.

These days, David splits his time between managing the day-to-day operations of DCM and doing what he does best: helping clients to find the most efficient, cost-effective answers to their IT challenges. It’s a job he loves, and one that his background makes him uniquely qualified for.


Catherine Pizarro

If David Maxwell is DCM’s head, then Catherine Pizarro, in many ways, is its heart and soul. Enjoying a career in medical care before her technical training, she brings a calm, caring, and vibrant feel to every IT project DCM undertakes. If you want someone to who can diagnose technical problems in a heartbeat and nurse any hardware or software setup back to health, then look no further.

Born and raised in Chili, Catherine brings a human touch to DCM that is as valuable as her Spanish fluency. She believes that the answers to most technical problems – as well as the biggest opportunities in IT – lie in the clients our company serves. And so, rather than simply running through a checklist of issues and protocols, she likes to begin every service call by getting a thorough understanding of the challenge at hand, as well as the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Catherine’s patience and extensive background in IT, including several years working with David for the Calgary School Board, make her the perfect person to help you get more out of your company’s technology.


Raymond Lee

Everything you need to know about Raymond Lee can be summed up in the fact that he was originally brought to DCM on a two-week contract… and we haven’t let him leave since. With experience as a networking professional, business owner, and even an on-site IT provider for an operation in Columbia that truly required a “Jack of all trades” approach, Ray embodies the spirit that DCM is built upon. Whether your problem is simple or complex, and whether you can explain it or not, he’s willing to step in and find a solution.

When you need someone to put your issues first, do whatever is required to solve a problem, and think a mile outside the box, Raymond Lee is the perfect IT professional to have on your side.